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Our Vision

We believe in a world full of innovations and we want to be a part of it. Our mission is to provide people around the world with technologies that can transform the society. We seeks to be one of the most trusted and reliable manufacturing company in the world.

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Our Products and Services

Repair Solutions

We are the first Indian company to provide complete Composite Repair Solutions to all kind of damage scenarios in transmission pipelines/any mechanical structures.

Ballistic chronograph

The product aims to measure the speed of the projectiles, bullets, archery etc. by using a innovative design of Ballistic Chronograph. It gives the complete statistical report/data of the required entity.

Artificial Odour Generator

Smell is most closely linked to memory and emotion. Integrating scent effects can be a significant component of any multisensory experiential marketing or other 4D program. This product brings new dimension of experience to general public on a large scale.